Here are some common Q & A’s for the Aggieland VIP Card.


Q: What is The Aggieland VIP Card?

A: The Aggieland VIP Card is a discount card for the students and residents of Bryan/College Station featuring OVER 35 unlimited use discounts at BCS Companies!

Q: Do I need to activate my VIP Card?

A: No, the VIP Card doesn’t need to be activated.

Q: How many times can I use my Aggieland VIP Card at each location?

A: With a Physical VIP Card, you can use each discount an unlimited amount of times until 8/31/2017(Some discounts subject to change in September 2017). Digital VIP Cards are valid a FULL 12 months from date of purchase!

Q: How do I know where I can save with my Aggieland VIP Card?

A: Your Aggieland VIP Card will come in a wallet friendly sleeve that tells you all of the discounts for each business.

Q: If I lose my sleeve, is there a way to still find out the discounts?

A: Yes, you can simply check this website( or you can save this list to your phone!!

Q: Can I purchase my Aggieland VIP Card Online?

A: Yes, purchase your Aggieland VIP Card HERE and have it instantly with you on your phone!!


How to use the “Physical” Aggieland VIP Card:


The Aggieland VIP Card makes it easy to save money at 30+ Bryan/College Station businesses


1.Find a discount on the back of the wallet friendly sleeve that you want to use.  This sleeve fits around the VIP Card so you always know where you can save.

2. Show your Aggieland VIP Card when you pay/checkout.

3. After the discount is applied, put the Aggieland VIP Card and sleeve back into your wallet to use again next time.

4. Use each discount an UNLIMITED # of times at each location until 8/31/2017!!!

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