Get Custom Aggieland VIP Cards! Same great discounts but featuring your information on the Cards!

All Custom Cards can be either given away for FREE or sold for $15-20 with all profits going to YOU!

Custom VIP Card Front

Ex. The District on Luther Apartment in College Station is giving every new tenant a Custom “District Branded” Aggieland VIP Card as part of their Move-In Package! This will save their tenants $100’s, build goodwill, and provide opportunities for Word of Mouth advertising all year long!

College Station Fundraising Card

Using Custom VIP Cards for your fundraiser will allow you to get much more money per card while getting brand recognition for your group!

Custom VIP Card Front

Make your business cards indispensable by giving them the option to use your business card to get unlimited use discounts at 38 BCS Companies!

Custom VIP Card Front
Custom VIP Card Back

What is the Aggieland VIP Card?

Benefits to your business:


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***All customized cards will feature the VIP Card logo in the upper left hand corner.  The rest of the card front will be customized with your logo and information.  The back can also be customized with your information.

Contact us for Bulk Prices of Non-Custom Cards or prices on a quantity not listed above.


Contact Sean to get started:

Sean McGregor MBA

Aggieland VIP, Owner