Need a Fundraiser? Sell Aggieland VIP Cards Risk-Free Online or in Person!!!


Sell Online - Click Here

When a customer buys a card online, they are forced to select a Local Fundraiser to donate 25% of the profit to……simply fill out this form and we will add your fundraiser within 3 business days. Spread the word about the VIP Card and ask people to choose your fundraiser and you will get paid once a month…’s really this simple.

  • We will contact this Fundraiser at the email your provide below to make payment for any purchase!

Sell in Person - Click Here

Your group can earn $7.50-$10 for every $20 VIP Card you sell in person or online!

Selling in Person:

Option A: Your group will be sent the VIP Cards upfront at no cost to you so there is zero risk with this fundraiser(up to 25 Cards to start).  Earn $7.50 for each card sold and simply send any unsold cards back to Aggieland VIP.
Option B: Purchase Aggieland VIP Cards at a Bulk Rate of $5 each(20 Min). This will allow you to earn $15 per card sold!!!
Option C: Purchase Custom VIP Cards that feature your information. This will allow you to earn even more that $15 per card while selling a branded product!!!


There is no better BCS fundraising product than The Aggieland VIP Card! Your customers save $ at Over 30 Companies and you raise money for your great cause!!



Please reach out with any questions, we would love to partner with your fundraiser!

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